06/18/10, Friday, 7 pm - 10 pm, Opening Reception

On View: 06/18/10 - 06/25/10, Tuesday, 8 pm - 10 pm and by appointments only


Slab in Temporary Space


Unheralded media from

a Pop-culture monologue...


the temporary space is pleased to host Slab in temporary space and Unheralded Media from a Pop-culture monologue..., opening Friday, June 18, 7 pm – 10 pm.

Slab in temporary space is an exhibition project organized by Wendy Mason and Nancy Zastudil, the curatorial and artistic creators of Slab. For this exhibition, Slab invites a limited number of artists from all over the world to examine relationships between an artwork and its location by photographing one of their existing works in a temporary location - specifically an area that is arguably unconventional.

Participating artists: Laura Aldridge, Justin Boyd, Nick Brown, Enrique Castrejon, Kim Collmer, Jason David, Michael Decker, Alyssa Gorelick, Deva Graf, Julia Hechtman, Jon Irving, Rachel de Joode, Louisa Van Leer, Karen Lofgren, Dashiell Manley, Frederique de Montblanc, TV Moore, Kia Neill, Amy Patton, Melissa Scherrer, Mindy Rose Schwartz, Jason Underhill, Max Warsh, and Chris Wilder.

Unheralded Media from a Pop-culture monologue... is a local survey of Houston comic book artists that focuses on varieties of narratives, graphics and styles. The exhibition includes Ted Closson, Brian and Stevie McCord (The McCords) and Mark Nasso.

Ted Closson’s work focuses on archetypes within heroic narratives through combinations of historic references and contemporary issues. Closson applies digital technology in his process and visualizes autobiographical and fictional stories about life and memory.

Entitled Spectacula, Brian and Stevie McCord, also known as a collaborative partnership The McCords, employ intense and meticulous illustration of visual narratives with minimal typed texts examining and questioning the current state of global conflicts and the environmental concerns through anthropomorphic animal characters.

Mark Nasso’s Land of the Rats is an illustrated fantasy story about the adventures of a hybrid rat-human in a spectacular, otherworldly setting. Nasso utilizes traditional tools of a pen and ink to create bold and heroic characters, as well as imaginary villains and monsters, dealing with dualities relating to our life.

+ This exhibition will be the last exhibition project at the current location of the temporary space. So, please come to celebrate the accomplishments of participating artists and curatorial fellows throughout last 6 months’ period of activities.

Thank you for all your support!!!



Laura Aldridge
Justin Boyd
Nick Brown
Enrique Castrejon
Kim Collmer
Jason David
Michael Decker
Alyssa Gorelick
Deva Graf
Julia Hechtman
Jon Irving
Rachel de Joode
Louisa Van Leer
Karen Lofgren
Dashiell Manley
Frederique de Montblanc
TV Moore
Kia Neill
Amy Patton
Melissa Scherrer
Mindy Rose Schwartz
Jason Underhill
Max Warsh
Chris Wilder
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